Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Full Year Being In My 20s!

The year 2014 brought me a lot of gratification and helped me get a better sense of self. I feel very humbled to experience what I have and to have a great addition of friends from all over the world. This year is the last full year being in my 20s and I will be forever grateful for it. I am so appreciative for life and all that I have seen and experienced at this point. I have a good feeling about 2015 but I don't want to jinx it so I'll just say that I hope this New Year brings in so many more possibilities for me and all of you. I can't wait.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friendsmas 2014

This year I was able to take part in Trenton's annual holiday dinner party with friends. I was so happy to invite people to our dinner party and give them the address to our place this year. It may sound silly but it's really nice to be back in each other's lives again and to have all our friends together, in one place, eating, playing, and having a good time.

I never knew how much effort planning and decorating takes. I didn't even do that much and it was a bit exhausting in the end. I envisioned something much more but was happy at how everything turned out. Between decorating and cooking (I made a seafood bisque!) and greeting people as they walked in, I did not have any time to take any pictures! Good thing Trent's sister, Taryn, took my phone and snapped a few pictures for me while I was stirring the pot.  I was so busy that night! But it's all good, the most important thing to me is that everyone who came had bellies full of food and laughs and were happy together. :)

^We cut wood and made this: giant Jenga with fun questions/rules. We didn't even get to play! :(

Towards the end of the night we all got into groups to play Pictionary. Everybody was laughing and having a good time and I was glad. Some of those pictures were ridiculous but hilarious. And let me just say I don't do anyone any good by being on their team because my drawings...oooh, child... haha My team consisted of all my good friends and of course we were the loudest, most competitive ones. We can't help but get excited and scream the whole time. Hey, we like games...and? haha I had so much fun and it was so good being in their company and having a jolly ol' time just like the good old days. I missed this. I miss being around people who make me laugh until my stomach hurts, who make me feel so comfortable to be myself and who make me feel at home. So glad everyone who came made it out. I love these gatherings because it's so often we are consumed with life - work, school, families, etc. It's difficult to get everyone together to hang out and so I'm glad to have events like this. I like that Trenton can get his friends and I get my friends and we can friends. We can do it every weekend. haha jk Not really but who got that reference?!

^It is really hard for us to get a good photo. Awkward family photo it is! haha
So sad I didn't get more pictures or even a picture with Trent (boo!) but at least he and I made it a point to have a good time with friends, old and new. All we wanted was for people to come and enjoy  and possibly mingle with each other because we have different groups of friends and it's nice when everybody gets along and our friends meet the people we love. I'm going to say that we threw a successful dinner party based on the smiles I saw and the warm fuzzies I felt. If this isn't an accurate measurement then so be it. haha But really, I hope everyone who came enjoyed it and I thank you all for being a part of my night because I had a great time being with all of you. And I know Trenton did too.