Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another November 20th for the Books

Today marks 7 years of crazy fun with my best friend. Seven crazy, fun, happy, challenging, exciting years.

Hey Bub,

Remember that time you forced me to put my hand in the hole with fake bugs at the science museum? And I was too terrified and annoyed that you did that? Well, I'm now killing bugs left and right. Bats even! 

And remember the many times I'd be down, starting sentences with "I wish..." and you'd sit there and listen? "I wish I can see the world...I wish I can help them...I wish I was able to do that." You replied with, "You can and you will someday!" Well, here I am in Africa, helping and seeing the world! 

How about that one time, years ago, I told you about my Trichotillomania in tears, embarrassed and scared you would freak out? You told me I was beautiful and had a personality to match. You even texted me the next day with treatments you researched online and said I could try. To this day you offer all the hairs on your body for transplant promising it'll be way more than enough. Haha So weird and gross but I love you for that.

You also told me once that no matter what happened between us you'd always consider me your best friend. And still, here we are, besties for life! hahaha

Thank you for pushing me and believing in me, and always supporting me in all aspects of life. Thank you for making me feel like the prettiest girl in the world when my self-conscious thoughts would consume me and make me feel otherwise. You are my best friend, lover, mentor, teacher, and more and more other wonderful things and I couldn't have asked for better.

Here is another November 20th that we are apart. Even though you are there and I am here, you are always here in every place I go, everything I see, and everything I do. 

Happy 7 years of friendship and love. I hope we have 700 more. (Beepboopboopbeepbeepboopboop) I'll be the puma to your wolf pup forever and ever! haha
<3 BUBB.