Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Been super busy!

I have been going back and forth to the hospital and dentist this past month and half and have been feeling really crappy. Public transportation is very exhausting in itself. Apparently there is some kind of growth in the back of my throat (hypopharynx). Don't be alarmed! It could just be an infection/irritation from the change of environment so I've been busy with hospital visits and x-rays and CT scans (not to mention all sorts of different medications) because they want to make sure it's nothing serious. And I had a crown break off in my mouth while I was eating from a root canal I had done about 13 years ago. But all is well now. So no frowns yet! :)

Of all countries I am glad to be in Botswana because I know they take medical seriously. So don't be scared because I should be in good hands. It's more than I ever got in America. (Damn expensive health insurance. haha)

All I know is the past two months these things have made me continue to smile through everything...

Standard 5 students at Baobab Private School. I miss them too much.

My mom sent me a really cool solar panel lantern that you can also crank or plug in.
The panel also charges USB connected devices so I can charge my iPhone! Best gift ever!
Apples to Apples at In-Service Training

popping corn the old-fashioned way.

Finally got a (crappy) picture of my village sign!

Some of my favorite kids.

Walking home with the Marojane Primary students

HAIL in my village!

Nkita drawing a picture of me :)

My boyfriend, Pako. SO CUTE.

Dinner I made my friend: Spaghetti, mediterranean tomato chicken and vegetables in oyster sauce.
She wanted to know what I eat in America. haha

Loved it. Score.

Tshepo and her cute little family.

Proud. Always. <3
Christmas is all year round for me, now.

My mom knows...

Shadow of the Wind: now one of my top favorites!

...and of course my all-time favorite person who makes me smile is Trent. Our skype date nights are very few and far between so it makes me really happy when I find reliable internet that let's us make these dates happen. I even bought a tank top just for the occasion! These dates are the best because I get to see his handsome face that makes me smile and they always end up being fun and silly and it feels like nothing has changed. <3

P.S. Even when we're countries away he still catches the popcorn I throw in his mouth ;)