Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bub in Bots!

The day, where Trenton came to visit me in my home in Africa, came and left! It was one of the most memorable weeks I'll keep in my heart. 

This crazy, hard-working man was finally able to get some days off to visit. The second he emailed his flight itinerary to me I was jumping with joy. We've always wanted him to see what it's like here: what I do, how I live, the people I have in my life at this moment. It was so great for him to meet my host family (all of them) and my Peace Corps family (some of them) that I share this experience with. My family gave him a name: Rethabile. It means 'We are happy.' It's really cool because it starts with an 'R' like my name which is Rotlhe, meaning 'all of us' or 'together.' So when you put our names together you'd say "Rotlhe, Rethabile" meaning "Together, we are happy." I think this is awesome and I'm definitely going to cherish them forever. 

Aside from meeting the lovely people in my life, he was also able to see my school (and meet some of my students), hike Kgale Hill, and even enjoy some luxuries in the capital, Gaborone. He even saw the President of Botswana, Mr. Ian Khama, himself, at my school! I'm certain he planned to make such an appearance for Trenton's visit! ;) I'm so grateful that he has seen this part of my life and had a glimpse of what my life has been like for the past two years. That's all I wanted. 

Although we didn't do much traveling around Botswana or Africa, everything felt right. We did, however, manage to plan a trip across the border into South Africa to Mosetlha Eco Lodge and Bush Camp. It was great. No electricity and the simplicity and beauty of nature. We saw some cool animals on our game drives and almost saw all of the Big 5! Dang fuzzy, wuzzy lion, where were you at? ;)

Dang, this week was short lived but I had a blast! 

For Trent: Thank you for working hard to come visit and meet me in different places. I appreciate it more than you know. I can only imagine what our future adventures will be like! I cannot wait for many more journeys with ya, Bub! Dying to travel and discover different parts of this world with you.