Sunday, August 3, 2014

Close Of Service Conference (COSC)

I can't believe I have only two and a half months left in Botswana! Time really did fly since boarding that plane in September of 2012!

The intake group I came with (Bots 13) recently had our last conference together. We discussed logistics about preparing to close service and what to expect after Peace Corps. We had sessions that included topics such as résumé writing, Looking Ahead, continuing our third goal, and so on. We bonded, played games, and some of us were forced to say goodbye to each other as it may have been our last time together with our sites being so far away and scattered all over the country.

Since we were put up at a nice, 4-star hotel, we were all excited for real baths/showers, comfy beds, and free toiletries! (At least I was excited for free stuff.) We were able to enjoy the luxury of heated rooms, delicious meals, and an evening game drive on one of the days. I realize what an impact each person I've come to get to know here has had on me. We will always share this Peace Corps experience with nobody but each other, as personal as it may be for each of us. When we go home, as much as we talk about, explain, and/or describe our experiences here to friends and family, nobody but my fellow volunteers could really begin to understand what I've been through. So I'm glad I have my Peace Corps family to forever be a part of me and will always value the friendships I made at this time in my life. I love you Bots 13 - we made it to the end!